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  1. Hi! I bought a used AMPLIFi TT a pretty long while ago, it was sold as "defect" as the 9V power cable was missing. A missing power cord shouldn't be classed as "defect" I thought, and the pictures showed a unit that looked barely used whatsoever. A little sooner while ago, a move across the country and a first child arrival later, I finally went ahead and bought a new cable, and the unit powered up but behaved really strange. I could get sound from it through the headphone jack, but basically nothing more than that. I couldn't get any sound from the outputs on the back, I couldn't change preset and the LEDs for bluetooth connection and tap tempo wouldn't light up when I pressed the buttons. So, I connected the unit to the Line 6 Updater through USB, and thought I should try a software update. Then I saw that the updater software recognises my AMPLIFi TT unit as an FX100! Also, my Mac recognises it as an FX100 when I check in the system information. I've figured that the flash memory, somehow, probably contains the FX100 software. I've also figured that this probably shouldn't be possible. But anyhow, in my AMPLIFi TT there is FX100 software installed. Now I've tried everything I can think of, and I've been googling a lot. So, a long shot maybe, I wonder: does anyone here by any chance have a disk image of an AMPLIFi TT flash memory? OR, another solution, fix, tips or whatever that could take me in the right direction, hence getting my AMPLIFi TT to be a TT and NOT an FX100 anymore! I would really like to use this little thing for my portable studio, since it's a perfect size. Best regards, Jonas
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