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  1. I really appreciated your posts, good reading and good tips on my way of understanding things. Thank you. Regarding patches/others presets: Yeah I understand what you are saying. But there are good to get ideas and look out for magic combos of blocks as I see it! Good for inspriration, especially for me now in the learning curve. May I add that I have not owned more then two physical amps so that makes it hard for me to know what to expect from certain amp/cab options. My biggest struggle right now I think is creating a good base structure of my tone, guess that is common for most of us? I should narrow it down for sure, because it´s almost option paralysis already haha. But I really see it in a positive way and I knew I would before buying. Jason Sadites videos for example, explains some of this, his EQ filters/templates is what I done previously in a DAW after recording. Seems like a good base to start with, before twisting knobs at amps/cabs right? Tested out recording into Cubasis 3 (helix USB-->Apple camera kit cable-->Audiobus-->Iphone), worked great. Altough that is a different world of tweaking in order to get that tone fitting in the mix :)
  2. Bought the LT. Super excited! Had some hours with it now and I´m certain this was the right choice. Sounds really great out of the box!! Obviously there is super much to learn now, going through some reading and tutorials atm. Any recommendations where I could start? Also is there any *must have* presets from customtone area? Thanks everyone involved helping me on the way!
  3. I have yet to try it :) Maybe an unspoken dream for many guitarists out there haha. Looked up some reviews of the Waza Air, cool product indeed. Can really see how that market could expand and develope for sure. But that was not really what I was looking for. I guess it´s always hard to recommend stuff to people when they (me) have different expectations and requirements. I dont feel like relying on apps/mobile ecosystem. Ok so - this is where I stand right now. I don´t rule out getting a suitable speaker/amp/cab solution for the future, I just can´t do that in my home situation right now. If the headphone experience is good overall (but I understand it´s rather flat/not super immersive) it´s OK. The most important for me it´s getting good quality tones and the option to have a good variarity in getting them. Second most important part was integration with DAWs for music creation. I don´t want to invest in a product either that is reaching half-way of getting there. So a LT (or maybe a GO) seems to be a good choice, a big plus that LT also has been out for some years backed up with a good community.
  4. Thanks for your input. Well exactly in line with my conclusion @caledoneus. I feel that LT with have more functions/abilities then I will use probably, a stomp or a POD GO will probably suffice. On the other hand I don´t really like the idea of feeling comprimised with creating unique and personal tones, and dont mind learning how to do it. Super close ordering a LT right now, will decide before the weekend! Off-topic: This seems to be a very friendly and helpful community!
  5. Thanks for all your advice! I have a pair of audio-technica m50x I love in general, will start with them I think. Seems like Cubasis should work! And regarding the LT vs GO, I’ve been reading about known differences over the weekend. The fixed blocks I feel that it shouldn’t be a problem for me, but what does the differences with dual amp/cabs and DSP mean in ”bedroom player” situation? In theory. I know I should wait for the GO release and reviews. Will be hard to wait for April though (or maybe much later depending on when it comes to Sweden), when I had set my eyes on a LT :)
  6. Yeah, I thought AT4 would sound much better On IOS. It tried it out because of the flexibility in it instead of using and investing in the PC/Mac platform. Though it would not be that compromising, it certainly is not advertised that way IMO. Checking out the new POD and it looks very promising and like you said, should suit me quite well! Will check out how it compares to the LT. Thanks for your input. I understand. I like to tweak and experiment, thats not a problem. But in my example (have not tried out much else then AmpliTube and couple more amp sims) I could tweak the hell out of it without beeing happy or pleased with my final tone. So right now I really look into the hardware alternatives and Helix Go or LT seems like what I’m looking for. Price of LT is fine by me, will compare the models though and see what I miss out if I buy the GO. But still - what about using LT with good quality headphones, how does that working for everyone? I And am I able to connect my iPhone to it (USB/camera kit cable?) and record my sessions with an iOS DAW like cubasis?
  7. Hi! Would like some advice from you guys! Really interested in the Helix LT. I only play my guitar at home and on a hobby/enthusiast level. Being a family man with wife/kids and living in an apartment sets some limits though, but I really want some good and authentic tones still! - Is it worth it if I mainly play with headphones? - Anyone here that also uses amp sims and how is the Helix in comparison? I recently tried out AmpliTube 4 (on IOS) and really felt it was lacking, presets available was somewhere between bad and OK. And to find a tone I was looking for on my own takes forever, but the end result of all the tweaking I was not really happy with either. - Am I able to record my sessions on Iphone/IOS? For Cubasis for example? And if a yes - with good quality? Thanks!
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