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  1. Thanks for the replies, DBoomer. I've got a gig tomorrow- unsure of my firmware versions. I bought the G90 about a year ago and have never updated firmware on the trans or receiver. High power on the transmitter. I'll try pulling my EW300 transmitter out of the rack and see if that remedies any of my problems. Will cause setup to take more time if I have to carry it to every gig, but we'll see if it makes a difference. I can run a wedge tomorrow with no wireless in ears and see if that makes a diff.
  2. I don't see why a wifi digital device would interfere with an RF device. A few people here report success when using the EW300 & G90 systems. www.talkbass.com/threads/wireless-receiver-for-bass-iem.1067715/page-2 I haven't had any issues with noise with the shure cables, but I had no idea
  3. Hey guys- I bought a Line 6 G90 to put in my rack roughly about a year ago. The thing works, but will cut out if I move anywhere far away from it. Honestly for the first year, I really didn't find myself using it, but it was nice to have. I think it worked fine though, but I wish I would have been a little more rigorous in testing it so I could verify that it worked or not. For some big gigs, it functioned alright, I think it was 100% working properly. As I mentioned, lately, I'll move out front to hear the band while we sound check. If I move down or off the stage, I get dropouts. Move back closer, and I'm alright. Sounds like an antennae/range problem. But my antenna settings are : C & D Yesterday, I tried pointing the antennas more forward in case I just wasn't getting a proper line. Still nothing. During the same show I ventured over the opposite side of the stage, and the G90 cut out. I was probably 10 feet away from it, and parallel to the antennas. Anyways, what gives? I'm thinking my G90 is malfunctioning. I've tried scanning/using new channels, but the channels still have problems. the G90 is placed near my EW300 reciever for in-ears. I've got a drawer below, so I put the two together so I could actually plug them in on the rear. Would this cause a problem? I imagine it may create RF, but why would I be good to go when close, but not good when I move away? If it was an RF interference problem between the two devices, I would think I just wouldn't get any sound at all due to the RF interference. Or I'd get intermittent sound wherever I stand. The G90's pack is in a pouch on my guitar strap. When I go out into the crowd and face the stage, I'm turning away from the G90. Maybe that's the problem? I'm using a shure wireless cable as I've heard the Line 6 ones are crap. Any other troubleshooting tips? I'm going to post on Line 6's forum as well. Ben
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