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  1. Line 6 seems to be so together on everything but this. It's inexcusable to sell nice guitars that are supposed to be "the guitar of the future" and have no custom case options. It's not like they have to do it themselves. All they have to do is contact a good case maker and set up a deal and put a link on their site. I bought a DBZ which is a relatively low end guitar and they had quality cases that are gorgeous. Everyone who sees it wants one. I guarantee they outsource them. I'm really frustrated about this. Why should it be my problem to take a chance and spend hundreds not knowing if the case will really fit. It's stupid and I was shocked it wasn't available. This is the basics folks. So Line 6, not users but the company. What is your deal? Get it together folks. I've spent a lot on your equipment and I just want to protect my investment. Why frustrate your users when you have an easy place to impress them with a great case?
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