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  1. Hey, on the Sigmaaudio site, The first guitar riff on all the IR demos, anyone know who that is? Badass riff, Id like to learn it!
  2. Oh my God! Youre absolutely right!! That is the exact pick up. And its my first time ever having a guitar with pickups that need a battery! Youve just sent me on a whole mission to learn about what active pickups even are. Thanks a lot! You just gave me all the tips I need in one post of exactly where I need to start! I feel like I finally have a direction instead of just aimlessly pressing and turning buttons!
  3. What sucks is that Im thinking its my new GUITAR Im not happy with! My $300 Epiphone Les Paul (Slash Edition) is sounding better than my $800 ESP M 400! Or it may be that I just have to get used to working with the drastically different ESP. I think the pickups are too powerful. or at least, more sensitive than Im used to. Thanks tho! Im gonna go search for some free IRs!
  4. So, If say, I use one of the 2 IRs in my pedal in place of that IR (Im going to buy some IRs once I get a better feel for this thing and kind of get an idea of what kind of IRs I should even be buying) Is there a major drastic difference? Like, do different IRs create a drastically noticeable difference? Also, do any of you know of any good free IRs out there. So I can get a feel for using IRs before I go and spend 20 dollars on something I have no clue what Im buying??
  5. Jesus, all I know is you guys have shown me that I know nothing! Just when I think im starting to get the hang of this monster im thrown for a loop. I think I have 2 IRs in the thing. Im still not even sure I grasp what an IR even is. But I know it came with 2 in the pedal. Being that I use strictly the Helix, A Headrush 108 (or BeyerDynamics DT 770 Pro (80 Ohm) and an ESP M 400 series. Is there certain IRs I should get? Or does the gear not even matter for the IRs and its just preference?
  6. Im trying to import the 80s Anthrax preset, the 2nd preset in Line 6 CustomTone) and it keeps telling me "The IR associated with the following blocks in this preset could not be found in the impulse library, Path 2A, Position 3". Can anyone help me with why this is doing that?
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