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  1. The problem isn’t that the LED indicator is a different color for custom tunings (in this case, white is default, blue is custom) it’s that the LED is yellow for default and not on for custom. Also, the virtual capo feature does not capture the 6th string. I was told by support the yellow LED is an indication of system issues.
  2. A few days ago, my JTV-59 started acting up. The Alt Tuning knob, which normally has a white light, now has a yellow light. The Alt Tuning knob does change the tuning to what is set in WorkbenchHD, Additionally, the virtual capo feature is only partially working. For example, if I try the virtual capo over the drop D settting, the top 5 strings will hold the desired capo location, but the bottom string will stay at D. Lets say I want to capo a fifth up, and want to write the setting on the drop D alt tuning, i will end up with DDGCEa instead of ADGCEa. If I set it up in WorkbenchHD, it will work. The problem is I can't just whip out a laptop during a gig, Anyone else have the issue, and is there a fix?
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