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  1. I understood that the drivers were installed automatically when you installed HX Edit, am I wrong about that? If so, where do I get the drivers from, I can't find them on the Line 6 site (This is not surprising though, I also can't see that bottle of beer in the fridge, you know, the one sitting right at the front in plain view :-) )
  2. Hi All' I'm totally new to Helix, just got an LT. I've downloaded the latest version of HX Edit, plugged in my USB Cable to the Helix and computer. The computer makes that "you just plugged a USB device into me" noise but when I run HX Edit I get a "No Device Connected" message. I know the cable and port are good because I've just been talking to my Fractal FX8 using all the same gear. Is there some trick to this or should it just start talking. I've tried rebooting the computer, rebooting the LT, firing up HX Edit with the LT already connected, firing up HX Edit, then plugging in the LT. No joy :-( This is not a brand new unit but the guy I bought it off has updated it to 2.82 so clearly it was working for him. What am I missing? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm running Win10. Cheers
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