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    For those of you that cant get a decent tone out of this amp might want to actually understand how the stages of the amp work together, as well as understand how to EQ. I have owned MANY amps over the years from lollipop yamaha amps, to The ever sought after Laney Linebacker 100(i dare you to find one now), to the Randall RG100(Cowboys from hell). Gorilla amps, and even an old Traynor YB-1. 200W tube head. I wont jam with anything less that a 100W head and 4X12 Cab. I both this amp because my now EX-wife "convinced" me that we needed to get rid of "some stuff" meaning MY STUFF. So needless to say the Randall got sold off. Well I needed a 100W minimum head and 4X12 cab as I'm back at taking over the world again :P I bought the 240HC head and 4X12 cab cost me less than $1000, so I had room for a new Jackson. I didnt even care about all the effects and still use almost 0 effects other than gain stage and EQ'ing, it took me a couple of days to dial in a decent tone and I can totally hold up in a jam and gig situation with the 240HC. 1 key thing to understand is how to shelf the EQ, and another is understanding how to manage the amp level VS master volume. A great musician I know who used to play in a band with Stu Bloc(Iced Earth/Into Eternity) told me "You can buy a $500-$1000 amp and sound pretty decent, or you can Spend $5000 and sound just a little bit better. Learn how to dial in a tone.
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