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  1. The HX is an amazing catch-all and it's fantastic for direct recording, I have probably saved thousands of pounds on real equipment by experimenting first with the HX and then deciding what approximated my taste, but I find (from my own A/B testing and subtle frustrations) that HX amps are not as responsive as the real thing. Unfortunately no opinion will count unless you've tried to replicate the tones you love in the Helix and either succeeded or failed. Some guitarists find everything they need in it but it's a big ask to replicate valve preamps/amps and real speakers and cabs with DSP in a live setting. My opinion is that for real live situations at high volume you will develop a taste for the real thing, there's a connection between you and your guitar that is complemented by a real amp and cab and that's a relationship very hard to give up if you are used to it. If this is you then my guess is you'll always find modelling units lacking in a live setting. If you are playing at bedroom volumes or direct recording then with some effort I believe you'll get extremely close results to those achieved with real amps, mics and cabs, and the versatility is unbelievable. I think personality plays a big part here, I don't enjoy using HX Edit or turning HX dials that much, it's all in the black box and it's like casting a magic spell every time I turn a dial, I get a real kick out of knowing exactly what's going to happen when I switch on a valve preamp and set everything to noon, it's limited and simple and gives me less options, that saves me time tweaking so that I can play the guitar. Just an opinion, BEST OF LUCK!
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