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  1. I've cracked this. They are bad instructions on YouTube and their help page (below). First you must choose an option in the first pulldown ("Relay G10"), not leave it as "All Hardware” as it says on YouTube (although they do say to complete it on their website). Then after updating the receiver and continuing, you should see the transmitter listed (GT10T) as well as the receiver. Before you update the receiver, you will only see the receiver to update. What’s missing on YouTube and their website (https://line6.com/support/page/kb/live-sound/relay-digital-wireless/how-to-update-the-relay-g10g10s-firmware-r931/ ) is clearer instructions a to what to do and select after the receiver has been updated.
  2. I'm the same. Surely Line 6 should respond to this Forum?
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