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  1. I believe that's where your guitar goes, not the amp.The interface goes into the laptop. And then connect your laptop and amp via USB. I assume.
  2. Hi, Like the majority that posted in this thread, I have real difficulty in using the Spider App on my Android. I have purchased an adaptor for USB to USB 3 (quite cheap on Ebay) so I can connect my phone directly into the Amp with the dedicated cable . Mind you, there is a switch with two positions at the back of the amp. One needs to choose the correspondent one, either Android or IOS. However, only after I have found this forum I discovered there is an app for my laptop as well. That makes your life much easier. You can find loads of tones, modify them to your liking, rename them, replace the pre-loaded tones from your amp with the ones you found and saved on your laptop or in "My Tones" folder online. I agree with everyone that Line 6 should come up with a tutorial or user guide for using the app.
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