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  1. First gig in 18 months and switched on PodGo - 1.22 update and kaput! No PodGo - Devastated. Update failed half way through and now can't get past red kidney Left it for 20 minutes and nothing. :(
  2. I've tried running my PodGo through the FX Return (Amp Out from Pod) with my Flextone III and there's nothing. I've tried switching FX loop on/off. It works fine in other Combos but not my Flextone III
  3. First post here. I'm loving the PodGo and wanting to set it up for using through FX Return when using various backlines. My personal amp however is a Flextone III and the PodGo doesn't appear to work in the FX Return only in the main input. I've plugged in the short board to activate/deactive the FX loop but still nothing. Any advice? Thanks
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