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  1. HI DUDES !!! I need to know if is possible to assign at one of the three button of the HX STOMP the function MOMENTARY for to use him with a Pitch effect like in this video: Thanks for the reply... See ya.. Andi
  2. Hi Everybody !! Just a little question: I need to use the HX Stomp with a Guitar and a Bass on the same machine. So... if I put a Guitar in IN LEFT and a Bass in IN RIGHT the signals are both the same or there's a differences of volume or dynamics ?? Is possible to create two different effects patch (one for guitar and one for bass) and use him like two singles ?? - ex. recording a loop with the bass, make it start and play a solos with a guitar - The OUT from the HX Stomp work like a classical mono out or I doin use the OUT LEFT for a signal on IN LEFT and the OUT RIGHT for the signal on IN RIGHT ?? Hope that no toooo much warped argument.. Thanks for the reply.. A.
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