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  1. Oshara

    When to model?

    Thanks, makes sense. I'm a home player that only plays from helix to headphones, or into the PC. So since I do use the headphones, sounds like I want IRs / Cabs in every block. As I get more experienced I guess I can bypass the IR/Cab when I'm using the PC if I'd prefer a model or something specific I set up in the PC. Appreciate the insight!
  2. Oshara

    When to model?

    Hello, I've had my Helix for about 5 months and PC+ for a little under two, and don't have a great grasp on when to use a cab in the helix, vs. an IR, vs. the PC models. I've watched / read tons of info, and feel I have some decent patches. I'm not a professional and don't have real-world experience miccing up speakers in a recording environment, and feel this is the area I'm still struggling to understand. Any tips/guidelines on when to use an IR vs. Helix Cab. vs. PC model would be greatly appreciated. Also, a related question. Do people generally stick with one route or use a mix of all three? Thanks in advance! Oshara
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