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  1. Hello my Setup: I am using Helix LT as Audio Interface. in my DAW Session, I send a dry Guitar DI Track to USB3 of the Helix to get it reamped working so far... BUT: playing the DI Track together with the playback of the other tracks, I am hearing: > the Playback in stereo > the reamped signal in mono as it is sent via the master output / phones. I would like to have full control over the reamped track (e. g. for panning in the DAW). SO, I created another Track, set the input of it to USB5 from Helix to get the processed, and of course I set the output of the Helix patch also to USB5/6. With direct monitoring on on the track, I can now listen to the return signal of the Helix. The problem now is, that when I playback the whole mix, the track is delayed and not synchronized with the rest of the tracks. But couldn`t it be possible to let the delay be on the other tracks as well? I hope I could make my problem clear an there is an answer.
  2. I don't know if the output of the scarlett and the return input of the helix are really "unity gain" now. Only thing I can say is, with the description above you receive a decent level from the scarlett line out into the Helix' Return and can run it through a preset. The output then is the same as if a played it with a real guitar.
  3. Now I finally founf the solution! The line level of the scarlett has to be set to "full-scale": https://support.focusrite.com/hc/en-gb/articles/208364625-Using-a-Focusrite-interface-when-re-amping-guitars Now I get the proper level into the Return Input and can route the helix sound back into the scarlett!
  4. I figured out that I have to turn off the Input gate on the patch, so there would be "more" signal. The result is a lot of background noise (either with Return level set to Line or instrument, Instrument is even worse). And still not having a proper signal and out. What I expected was a similar result as if I used the USB-Reamping method. Seems that there is something different between the line outpur level of the scarlett and the Return Input of the helix. They seem not to be compatible...
  5. Thank you, but this is not what I am looking for. I don`t want to use the helix as audio interface and do alle the routing via the helix' usb sends and returns. I want to set up a hardware routing: send the DI signal out of my scarlett interface into the Return Input of the helix, process it there and send it back to the scarlett via XLR out.
  6. Hello all, I hope someone can help me with this... I want du use the Helix LT as an reamper, but NOT as the Audio interface at the same time. My Setup: DAW: Reaper ASIO: Scarlett 18i20 Helix LT. The Idea is: The Scarlett is my Audio Interface, so the Output is via Monitors connected to it. I have a multi-track-mix including a Guitar-DI-Track. I want that track to be routed via Line-Out 3 of the interface into the Helix. The Helix OUT is XLR connected to my scarlett again. So, on the DI track I deactivate Master/Partent send in reaper, and create Send on Line3. In Scarlett MixControl I rout "DAW3" to Line Out 3. The cable is running into Return1 of the Helix. In the Helix patch, I set the Input of a patch on "Return 1". Output is XLR. In Global Settings I set Return 1 to Line Level. What happens now, the DI track is running into Helix. But the patch doesn't provide the same Sound, as it would with the real Guitar connected. Sounds much more "weak" an with less gain. As if the DI track would not have the same "power" as the real guitar Signal (although I am Always using ONE guitar). Can someone help me with this? I hope I could clarify my Situation sufficiently. Thanks!
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