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    Power Cab 112 Plus

    OK, I am learning more about the PC and Helix combination. Thanks again for the advice and here is my latest update. 1. I received the midi cable, I tested it and all is working ok, as rd2rk said ignore the PC lcd display 2. I resolved the <edited> reference. The PC was working fine so after reinstalling the latest PC firmware, factory reset etc... I realised the issue could be with the Helix. 3. I fortunately had a backup from a week prior the issue, so I decided to restore. Guess what happened ?? The <edited> reference disappeared. 4. My conclusion was is that the Helix Presets were causing the issue. By editing the Helix Preset to select a PC speaker (ie: Vintage) meant that the "Remote" option needs to be changed to "Preset'. Once this is done the PC display will always display <edited> I would have thought that only the presets that select a PC speaker would show FLAT <edited> ??? and that all other presets not using the speaker option should display the default FLAT. ??
  2. ZMan66

    Power Cab 112 Plus

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. I wasn't aware of the PC bug issues yet nice to know, hopefully Line 6 will take note and address the issues I have ordered a MIDI cable and will test the system as proposed by "rd2rk". I have programmed a few of my VOX presents with the Essex PC speaker and really like the tone, the L6 connection is working well. I will let you know the outcome. Fortunately the Helix / PC is still working well and I am ignoring the (edited) reference. Cheers
  3. Hi guys, I recently purchased a Powercab 112 Plus for use with my Helix LT. I am loving both products and I recently started to explore the functionality of the Helix LT / Powercab combination. Using HX Edit I played around with my Helix presets, I wanted to use the speakers loaded in the Powercab rather than use the Helix Cabs in the preset. I did this by Loading HX Edit > selecting the preset > selected output > selected Powercab and then changed from flat mode to speaker mode. It was a good exercise however now all of my Powercab presets are displayed on the Powercab LCD screen with an "edited" reference For example : 000 (edited) Flat. I am wondering what the 'edited' is referring to and how to get rid of it ? No effect on tone or functionality but it is annoying to see it on the screen. Interestingly when I start up Powercab everything is normal, no reference to "edited", though as soon as I change a preset on Helix the "edited" reappears. Also if I disable Powercab remote on the Helix: select output > press "page>' Off the "edited" reference disappears. I have done the factory reset and a firmware refresh, neither worked. Appreciate your thoughts, is this normal and how can I restore back to normal settings. Thanks ZMan
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