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  1. Help, Do someone have a solution ? Is my Mission expression pedal not working, is the stomp not working ? Is it a bad configuration ? BR
  2. It is already set to global (see my configuration in first post). That is what I first checked.
  3. Hello all, I have an Hx Stomp with the Mission Pedal and I have a problem I couldn't solve : I have a wah block and a volume block (see configuration hereafter) Everything works perfectly except the volume is 0 at startup. I first have to move the pedal to the heel position (still no sound) and only when I move it to the toe direction the sound start to increase. Is there a way the the stomp "reads" the actual value of the EXP pedal at startup ? Do I have a wrong configuration ? Thank you. Firmware 3.01 Global settings : Preferences : Exp1 : EXP/FSTip FS5 : EXP/FSRing Tip Polarity : Normal Ring polarity : Normal Footswitches : FS5Fonction : ToggleEXP EXP Pedals : Exp1 position : Global Exp 2 position : Global Volume block : Position : EXP1 Bypass : none Wah block : Position : EXP2 Bypass : Footswitch 5
  4. JogNeuch

    On board looper

    Hello, Does the Pod Go quantize loops redordings ? Thanks
  5. Thanks a lot, It is more clearer for me now ! I question I still have : are the usb_in_1,2 sent back to ubs_out_1,2 or only to main out ? Same question for amp out ? Are usb_in1,2 rooted to amp out ?
  6. Thanks for the answer. You have lots of experience and you must be right. I bought the amplifier one mounth ago and I love the sound. That is psychological but I do not want to sell him now for a FRFR speaker. It is important to me to have the modeling effects after the amplifier stage. That is the reason why 4CM method is important to me today. I will probably change in the futur for a FRFR speaker (or 2CM method with clean amp setting) but it is too soon now. Given that, what kind of wirering method would you use (see my first post) ? Thanks a lot for your replies, it really helps me. I am those kind of person who want to know deaply a product before buying...
  7. Hi Spaceatl, Thank you very much for your answer, I am not sure that it is not possible to switch channels from the pod Go. Theoriticaly you are right but as there are only 2 channels in the Blackstar HT-5Rmkii and no switch for thereverb, I thing the result would be the same as doing the trick described in the documentation : Am I wrong ? Now concerning the patching, I have the feeling with the videos that I found that it is not very difficult to add an effect loop and configure the footswitch with the Pod Go.. For sure it will probably take more time with an Helix Floor, LT or HX effects !!! Concerning the tweaking, I have no Idea if it takes more time ? Why is it longer to tweak real amp instead of modeled one ? I know that Helix and Helix LT are more powerfull in terms of functionnality but they are also too big for me. The question is now Pod Go or HX effects. I have the feeling that the Pod Go is the perfect compromise between all the modelers type : small enough to be carried, powerfull enough, expression Pedal included, possiblities to do re-amping, afforderable price. HX effects lakes re-amping, expression pedal, cabinet simulation but is on the market now and a bit more powerfull. It has the possibility to control the amp (needed or not ?)
  8. Hello everyone, I am quite new in the field of multieffects and amp modelling. I would like to buy a modeler (line 6 probably) and I have a question about the product line. Here is my setup : Epiphone Standard pro, Blackstar HT-5Rmkii (tube+effect loop) So my question : if i understand well, it is possible to use the pre-amp or amp modeling with a tube amp by going directly to the return of the tube-amp. With a 4CM method, it is possible to choose either the Blackstar tube first stage or the simulated amp/preamp. Is that right? But for the cabinets : is it possible to specify the cabinet I am using and simulate another one ? Is that a non-sense? I have read that some people have had problems by using amp/cab modeling with a real tube amplifier and I do not understand why. Do you have videos I can watch to understand? If there is an aux entry on the cab, is it perhaps possible to use this entry instead of a FRFR speaker ? (see pictures hereafter) I have no knowledge on impedance and so on... Next question, it is written in the manual that it is possible to use usb_in_1and2 to jam music from a computer. What if the main output of the pod go is connected to the second stage of the amplifier ? Does it affect the sound of the jammed music ? Will you propose to use the aux entry of the amp for jamming from the PC ? Are those usb_in_1,2 send back to ubs_out_1,2 ? I would like to buy this modeler soon and I hesitate between HX effects and Pod Go (when available here...). The big big difference to me is the pre-amp and cab functionality of the pod go. Do you think it could be useful in my case ? Thanks a lot for your help (sorry for the quantities of questions...)
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