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  1. Hi, I suspect its a user error, but I am only seeing 4 available blocks per line in the chain on Native vs I believe 8 on the floor. Is it a setting somewhere or a limitation of Native plugin?
  2. I found a way to do it one by one by selecting an empty preset or IR
  3. tried going through preset/IR import bundle with a similar result
  4. I did start with the trial version. When I signed into my line6 account it gave me a pop-up saying it is now authorized for this computer. I am also including screenshots. Should I maybe try re-installing?
  5. I purchased Helix Native and was trying to import my market place presets that I got for my floor Helix, but when navigating to the directory files are grayed out.
  6. In case someone runs into this issue... helix support person told me to log out first (he actually wanted me to clear my cache and cookies, but I just used another browser instead), then go to the shopping, select Helix Native, add it to cart at which point it will ask you to login, and then it worked as expected.
  7. I did try that, which puts into original place. I will reach out to support on Monday. Thank you for your help
  8. @datacommando I followed the instructions to get to the market place page, but I only see my previous purchases. I do not see Shop Now option
  9. Hi all, I have a Helix floor that I registered under my profile. Was trying to purchase Helix Native, but after I click continue in the shopping cart it take me to my account page without any obvious next steps. What am I missing?
  10. Hi All, looking for some advice. I am trying to reduce volume of my tube amp because I practice in a small room with neighbors on the other side of the wall. I came across AUD OX, which seems to accomplish the task, but it also does a lot of what HX does and costs almost as much. What other solutions should I consider, ie load boxes, attenuators, etc. what are you using with your setup?
  11. Hi all, I am not only new to HX, I am new to electric guitars in general. While many of you may look at a preset or effect and know what it is modeled after I do not. Is there a mapping of factory presets and effects to what they are modeling?
  12. Apparently it was on youtube after all :) hopefully someone else finds this useful:
  13. Hi all, I have a Mesa mark V 35 combo that comes with the foot switch to change channels and EQ on/off. Is there a way to control this from HX? Few youtube videos showed how to do it with Mesa amps that have external switching, which my amp does not have.
  14. I have switched my stomp mode to 10 switches and looking for a way to map snapshots to footswitches. I am able to see 4 of them along with BANK and 4 stomps in the preset mode, but I only need 3 and would like to use other 7 for other blocks.
  15. One more question... I see switch 7 being an option to map to, but on the HX itself that switch displays MODE switch. Is there a way to use for a block?
  16. Yep, its a tab right next to Edit tab. Thank you :)
  17. I am a total noob and trying to understand how to change mapping of blocks to foot switches. I previously had PodGo and there I could actually hit a menu that showed switch layout and I could change it easily. Tried various menus and right clicks in HX Edit, but cannot figure it out
  18. Is there a sustain pedal effect in the PodGo?
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