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  1. So... I'm kind of an idiot. Several issues were at play. The first was the I had the helix routed channel 1 and 7 to get a DI signal and a wet signal. Every time I wanted to save a take but I wasn't sure it was "the one" I would duplicate the tracks mute the old ones and then erase the two new ones for another take. Well... somewhere along the way I started duplicating 7 and 7 instead of 7 and 1 and I never noticed because those numbers kind of look the same. So in the playback I wasn't even hearing the helix signal. I was hearing the DI being run through freeware (somehow the fx got turned back on). Normally my FX don't act up like that, but I guess since I've got multiple recording arms going with the helix they were crapping out on me. The other issue is that I didn't realize how loud my helix output was so even when I was hearing the helix signal I was getting a lot of digital clipping. I don't have an FRFR yet so I've been using headphones. Apparently the master volume does not work with headphones so I had it all the way turned up thinking it wasn't doing anything. And the presets I was using were louder than usual. So I had an incredibly high output but no way to know it until I plugged into my band mates studio monitors yesterday and it nearly blew our ears out XD Fixed all that and it's recording nice and clean now. Still a little noise, but probably just need to keep messing with the volume on the preset.
  2. I don't know if it will overcome the issue I just mentioned with the Behringer and EMGs. But I can try it out. What would be the best way? Out the 1/4" straight into the instrument input? Or XLR? Or?
  3. The helix is brand new so i have all the latest drivers installed. What do you mean sequencer? You mean DAW? I'll add that to my list of things to try, but i've been using reaper for years so really hoping to keep it that way. Actually lollipop... the behringer is not an option. Ever since I put these EMG's the Behringer can't handle the signal. Output is so high that its distorted even with the interface gain all the way down. The Helix can produces a clean signal minus the issues we're discussing. So that's a whole other issue I have no idea what's up with. God I hate technology haha
  4. rd2rk, thank you so much! I will dig through that and see where we are at soon as I get a chance
  5. Yeah, the behringer works. But my tone on the helix is sooooo much better than the freeware plugins I have. It's just for demoing as my bandmate is going to reamp everything I do. But it really helps to hear something close to the finished product while I'm recording. So the behringer works for my needs, but it'd be nice to have this $1600 beauty replace it. I know I can get helix native and use that with the behringer, but that's another expense better avoided if possible. Anyways, I'm using Reaper. It's an MSI Apache Pro Laptop. I forget the specs and gen but I got it late 2018. Using either USB 2.0 or 3.0. Don't remember which. Windows 10
  6. Getting kind of frustrated with this. Basically I've got the helix setup to put out one DI channel and one with the helix fx. I've got record monitoring off so it sounds pretty good coming out of the helix while i'm recording. There are some pops and cracks that I don't notice when I'm just playing but it's mild. However, when I go back and listen to the actual recording there are pops, cracks, and drop outs that are just not acceptable. Because I'm not using record monitoring I've tried all buffer sizes to no avail. I'm technologically incompetent so I have no idea what to do about it. As it stands my $50 behringer interface has less issues recording than my helix.
  7. Honestly it's been so long since I've jammed I'm not really sure how to answer that haha. It's "brutal death metal" so it's gotta be kind of loud just to get over the drums. I don't need to blow anyones ears out. As long as it makes for effective rehearsal i'd be fine.
  8. Forgive my ignorance as I am completely new to using amp modelers like this, but I just got a Helix to use with my band and now I need an active FRFR I suppose for rehearsal. I guess my main question is how loud are these things? For instance the laney LFR or the Line 6 powercab. I notice a lot are 1x12 which seems very small from a traditional amplifier standpoint. Will these amps power over drums and all that on stage and in a full volume rehearsal? What should I be looking for in regards to speaker size/wattage?
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