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  1. Dang it, nope. I just discovered that after you asked, and just yesterday I gave up and returned the microphone and power supply to Amazon (was getting close to the last day I could return them), and ordered a USB mic instead.
  2. I'm trying to get myself set up to do some home recording, so I've got the UX1 interface. The UX1 + PODFarm 2.5 software is working great with my guitars and basses. But, I've run into issues with my vocal mic. I purchased a new Audio-Technica AT2020 (XLR version), and it's being powered by an ARTcessories Phantom I 48v phantom power supply. This is the power supply recommended to me by a guy at Audio-Technica tech support, and it plugs into the wall as opposed to USB. I'm running an XLR cable from the mic to the power supply, and another XLR cable from the power supply to the UX1's XLR mic input. Alas, I'm getting absolutely nothing out of the mic. No sound from my headphones. If I crank the MIC GAIN knob all the way up, the "In" meter in the PODFarm software shows the barest signal (one light segment), but still no audible sound when I speak into the mic. My DAW (Cakewalk) also detects no signal from the mic. As I am completely new to this, it's possible I'm doing something wrong. Or not. All of the pieces - mic, phantom power supply, UX1, and 2 XLR cables - are brand new, so should all be in good working order. I wondered if I also needed a mic preamp, but the UX1 documentation says it has one built-in. As I said, everything works great with my guitars. So I'm puzzled as to why I can't get the mic working with this setup. Any suggestions?
  3. I'm the new owner of a POD Studio UX 1. I bought it to eventually do some recording, but in the meantime I want to use it to play along with prerecorded tracks on my computer. I have POD Farm 2.5 installed on Windows 10. The problem I'm having is that I can't figure out how to get a "dry" signal from the prerecorded track. Specifically, I have both my instrument and headphones plugged into the UX 1, and I've set the UX 1 as the audio output for my computer. This works to allow both the prerecorded track and my instrument to come through the headphones. However, the prerecorded audio seems to be routed through the same amp sim/tone chain that my instrument is using. As you might expect, this makes the prerecorded track unlistenable. Unfortunately, I don't see anything in the software that allows me to have the prerecorded audio bypass the instrument signal chain. Is there a way to do this in software, or am I going to need to run a separate cable from my standard output to the "Stereo Monitor In" jack on the back of the UX 1?
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