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  1. I Cant seem to find Patch Wizard 1.49 anywhere. I've found the line6diver, but can't get it to work for some reason, so thought I would try my luck with PatchWizard. Does anyone have a copy that they can upload and send me a link? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you..u
  2. The head in my ax2 blew. Can I simply buy something like the elctro harmonix pedal power amp, a dual female to male 1/4 cable, and use that to push the cab? (I believe they are two 8 ohm speakers, and the pedal power amp has an output of 8-16 ohms). Just trying to figure out a cheap way to still use the cab. I am not into all the watts ohms series parallel etc, I like to just plug in my guitar, turn it up, and play some music. Sorry for the beginner question. All your help and input/advice/suggestions are welcome and more than appreciated! Thanks in advanced.
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