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  1. The original lavalier is essentially rare to find, showing "discontinued" though one local outlet shows 2 available online. What are some acceptable alternatives? I don't have the budget for Sennheiser, Sanken, Countryman, etc. More like Audio Technica. eg. I'm OK with my ATR-3350 ($40) directly into a camcorder and a Zoom H1 for what I need. Hixman popped up on the radar and on paper several models match the specs of the original from Line 6. One looks like a dead ringer. That's what it even might be - I got my XD-V35 used. Also they have beige and black; omni, uni and hyper-cardioid choices. But I can't find reviews. So, back electrets upto about $100 in omni or uni-directional with a 3 wire to a 1/4" TRS for the XD-V35 transmitter pack. Thanks.
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