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  1. Thanks for the response! I think I solved it. Problem was that it wasn't possible to assign Bypass to, say, footswitch 1 if that was already taken by another effect. So I made sure that, say, footswitch 1 wasn't used by anything else and then it worked. However, on the HX Edit (on the computer) I could assign Bypass for several effects to the same footswitch. So maybe there is a difference in the setup between software in devise and on computer (or maybe I am just an idiot. Also a likely possibility...).
  2. Hi, In HX Stomp, I'm want to assign bypass for Shuffling Looper to Footswitch 1 (in Bypass assign). However, when I do that (and save), footswitch 1 doesn't light up and it doesn't react as if it has been assigned. I tried to also reset firmware (3.01) but still nothing. Also, immediately after resetting the HX Stomp, I can't choose FS 1-3 for bypass. Only FS4. Suggestions much appreciated! Thanks, Morten.
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