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  1. But I already have the HXFX, seems a bit daft to then go and buy the stomp and plug the HXFX into it. Im looking for something that does good amp and cab sims then plug the HXFX into that, unless you are suggesting getting rid of it and replacing it with the Stomp? My very brief encounter with digital modelers has been a bit meh but granted, I tried a unit that cost £400 so can't expect too much. £400 is roughly what I paid for the HXFX, I'm now ready to buy something of reasonable quality to match that unit for home use through headphones.
  2. The two notes looks good but no aux in for playing backing tracks.
  3. Hi all. First post, hopefully I'm in the correct forum. The lockdown has had me looking at digital modeling for headphone practicing at home and I have recently purchased a mooer ge250. It is going back, just disappointed with it. I already own a HXFX which I used to use in a covers band through a clean amp. I got it out the other day and paired it with my Orange Rocker combo and played on the half watt setting nice and quietly. Instantly it just felt so much better than my brief experience with the mooer.. So, I wanted to ask you all if you have any recommendations for units that have amp and cab sims that I could use with the HXFX in order to play through headphones. There are so many to choose from these days its a little overwhelming. Any advice and experience would be helpful. Btw, currently have audio technica ATH M40X headphones, not sure how good they are. Cheers.
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