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  1. Hey JC. I meant which amp sim to drive the IR. I use a PowerCab for the actual amp and I believe it’s a game changer
  2. just bought really good what amp are you using i love the GK
  3. Anyone got a seriously good Bass IR. No Overdriven SVTs etc. Happy with a John Entwhistle tone or even a Cliff Williams. Lots a bottom with some “piano” resonance
  4. Kingdondo

    Oil Can Delay

    Hi team. Just saw a review of an Oil Can delay by Brett Kingman. Sounds gorgeous. Any Pod Go equivalent? Apparently Several companies marketed these devices under various names. Fender sold the Variable Delay, the Echo-Reverb I, II, and III. Gibson sold the GA-4RE from 1965-7. regards
  5. Great advice as always. I forgot about the noise gate. I already have a Bognor Wessex and an EP Pre in the loop in front of the amp. I leave the EP Pre on all the time so I guess I’ll put the compressor before that. Do you adjust any of the loop settings - mix? Thanks as always. Keep safe in the UK. Just had 25 consecutive days of no community transmissions in good old Queensland Australia
  6. Stupid question number 16 Any issues with placing a compressor - say Xotic SP in front of PG. I know its in the effects however it may release a block and some DSP.
  7. Thanks Voxman. Any idea where I could look to set up 7 for added volume and 8 for overdrive increase
  8. Hey guys. Loving the PG. There seems to be a huge number of really good value cheaper units being released (Nux MG300 and Valeton GP 100) but none have the PD features etc etc. Still best value in the universe. On another note. I have just bought a Mosky dual footswitch to activate 7/8 footswitch. Realise it has some limitations. Probably want to set 7/8 to the same feature each time so I don’t forget what they do. Say always use 7 for Volume boost and 8 to kick in overdrive boost or take out all effects. And suggestions
  9. Thanks for the thoughts guys. Probably just wanted the best of both worlds as I run the Katana with the studio speakers
  10. Hi Guys. Running my PG into the power amp in on my new Katana 50 2 i adjusted the global setting eq for my studio set up - SSL 2+ into Presonus E8’s and it’s tightened up the bottom end and removed some fizzyness The Katana seems way more top end i have just read that the global eq doesn’t work on the amp out output Any fix other than playing with the eq preset which will lose one of the all to rare input blocks would it be difficult for Line 6 to fix in next update many thanks in anticipation
  11. Kingdondo


    Sorry for the stupid question. Can you have different amp and speaker in a snapshot block. Like a Jazz Rivet in 1 & 2 and a Plexi in 3 & 4
  12. On another note I’m finding the PG presets very “hot” and oriented to the more heavy distorted end of the spectrum. Any hints. Also I’m running into a SSL 2+ interface and some Presonus 8E studio speakers. In an effort to get a more real sound I just bought a Katana 50 2 with a power amp in connection. It’s pretty good after I bumped the power amp up 3db at 60 Htz. Do you advocate adjusting the PG global eq to get rid of the “fizziness” in the unit ? once again many thanks. My first modeling experience after 40 years of live work
  13. Great reply thanks. I was directed to this via a Jason Constantine clip. Your right of course however it will be useful if I make 7 and 8 do the same thing each preset
  14. Kingdondo

    7/8 expansion

    I’ve just ordered a Mosky dual switch to facilitate scrolling through presets. Any thoughts on how I could attach to the PG ? have a couple of (hopefully now) redundant pedal boards which sort of defeats the purpose
  15. Kingdondo


    I am new to modeling and have had the Go for a week Downloaded a couple of Jason S Presets I notice a Yellow Guitar Pick appears beside them in my user presets Also that appear to be "hotter" than when I first downloaded them Any thoughts Also anyone got a great Paul Kossof preset
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