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  1. That's a good idea except I don't have any empty presets ):
  2. I have multiple copies of a preset in my USER presets. I would like to delete some of the copies so I can make room for other presets. I cannot find any means of deleting a preset in a Windows 10 PC environment. According to the Pod Go Edit manual you can do this with a MAC but not a PC. Why would Line 6 not have a way of performing this needed function in a PC? Has anyone figured out how to do a clear / delete on a PC? Thanks, Dave B
  3. Hello All, Just installed the 1.21 PodGo update. I've created three new presets based on the Princeton TGD. When I try to add a distortion pedal in front of the amp, one of the new presets has all of the effects show up. But the other two presets have no distortion devices available of only a few. Trying to figure out why this is happening. Has anyone else had this problem? I've never seen this happen until after I updated to 1.21 Thanks in advance, David Burns
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