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    Buzzing in sound

    Of course. The difference just seems so remarkable.
  2. erccco

    Buzzing in sound

    I went straight away to buy new batteries for both of the guitars and it fixed the buzzing problem. Also the input levels are more equal now. However the other schecter still sounds so much better. I find it hard to believe that two almost same guitars can have that much difference.. I think I will take the guitar to professional to do some basic maintenance and he can check if everything is OK with the pickups etc. Thanks for the responses!
  3. erccco

    Buzzing in sound

    I have already tried changing it and some other options also but the problem persists. If it is the guitar is there anything I can do? Is it normal that 2 schecter guitars can have so different input levels? As I said this one makes the buzzing sound and the other just feels so quiet and not doesn't sound that good. I need to change the volume in Helix pretty much if I want to get the same volume level from these guitars.
  4. erccco

    Buzzing in sound

    Hi, What could be causing this buzzing on sound? Audio clip can be found here. I recorder the audio with blank preset. Is it a problem with audio on could it be the instrument (frezz buzzing or something like that)? I have Helix LT and the guitar is schecter Damien Platinum 8. I tried my another schecter Hellraiser guitar and there is no any buzzing. However the input volume is much lower on that guitar and it feels like the sound lacks something. I know little about guitar hardware and configuring audio settings in general because I've focused solely on playing the instrument. I would like to learn the basics and get decent sounds so I could also focus recording my stuff.
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