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  1. I've been using reaper for a few weeks and it was working completely fine. Then one day it started saying "there was an error loading the audio hardware: no ASIO driver found." I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling reaper. My knowledge of recording is next to none so I am so confused. I feel like this happened to me after the most recent update of the POD GO but I could be wrong. Any help is appreciated
  2. From what I've seen most people say is that it sounds more like a "recording" than an actual amp. i genuinely prefer the sound of my guitar when I plug my amp into my computer and record it then listen to it vs the "live" sound anyways. Also off topic but I used to work at a winery and the wine comparison made me laugh lol. Trust me when I say this, Price of Wine, a lot of times, DOES NOT represent quality of wine.
  3. Hey guys, I've never owned a modelling unit before, but will be getting the pod go this Friday and I'm excited. Now because I have zero experience with this stuff and the only amp I've ever owned is a Katana I am a little lost. I've watched the quick start videos and am currently reading through the manual and they are helping a lot. I'm sure I'm just going to have to sit with the Pod and play around with it to get the best out of it. But I was hoping you guys could give me little pieces of advice on literally ANYTHING for the world of modelling amps. Assume I have 0 knowledge (Just learned what FRFR speakers are, still confused about what IR is etc.) haha. Thanks
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