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  1. https://line6.com/software/index.html Spider V Remote Mac/Win 2.00 Download Just go to Line6 Official site, hit the DOWNLOAD menu, choose the "Spider V Remote" in ALL SOFTWARE menu. There you GO ! I have Windows 10 and it works perfectly.
  2. -This Spider Remote app doesn't work well with Samsung Note 9 phones...freezes all the time and I had to reboot it because it turned off and wouldn't open back... -I've created a sample and when I hit the "Save To SpiderV 240" option, my phone started downloading all the original banks... Took 40 minutes until I could finally save my sh*t in the hardware. -Often there are connection lost between the app and the amp. -All the samples I find on the Cloud doesn't work at all... This is very sad since I own one of the latest and best phone out there and I bought a brand new cable so I could use the app... But now I have no choice but buy another phone/tablet for this.
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