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  1. Hi all, I have an Amplifi 150 and shortboard MKii, which I use with my Yamaha RGX121SJ and quite a lot of effects (think "comfortably numb" solo and things like "where the streets have no name" as examples of heavily processed sounds I make). I was thinking of buying another guitar to experience the different sounds and characteristics of the guitar. After reading reviews on the Epiphone Nighthawk I was quite keen to get one. So, I sat down at a friends and played my Yamaha alongside him playing his Epiphone nighthawk. We were both playing through this POD HD-x 500 and PA. omegle xender The sounds were almost identical to my ears. In fact I think he was a bit depressed that my Yammy sounded just like this Epiphone. I decided that there is no point in my buying the Epiphone and have started to look at Fenders. So my question and my concern is as simple as this: Using the effects as heavily as I do from my Amplifi, is this going to negate the point of having any other guitars? The main reason I want another guitar is to achieve a different sound. I do like my Yamaha, but I don't want to buy another guitar if it is just going to sound exactly the same when it gets processed by my Line6 gear. I tried to post a URL to my soundcloud, so you could hear how heavily I use the effects. But I was unable to, and couldn't close the "URL" window either so I've had to re-write this post from scratch. But if you are interested to see how much I do use effects, my soundcloud user is called "Obergurgl" - but please don't flame me, one is my first Cubase attempt at multi track, and the other was just recorded on a phone mic. I'm a new guitarist, so these are pretty amateur. Might be best to not listen to them, but if it helps with answering my question, then that's ok by me. Hope that is clear. Any advice/thoughts please? Cheers
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