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  1. tojoe14

    Customtone IR's

    When I download a Custom tone preset that has a 3rd party IR, a Pod edit prompt comes up saying the IR is not recognized, does that mean Pod edit replaces it with another IR and if not is there a way to save the IR separate some the preset to my Pod edit IR library. Thanks.
  2. This is interesting I had a discussion with some one about this but I was using Pod Go's FX loop out into the FX loop of my amp, I did this because the FX loop has a volume control and the amp out doesn't, I was able to pulpit off but when I tried to duplicate it with another preset I got no signal out of my mains which makes sense since there was no return coming back in to the Pod Go, I couldn't figure out and started to think either me or PodGo was batty. But now I remember I was playing around with the Stereo FX. The stereo fx loop might have more goin on in terms of flexibility, when I aborted the earlier experiment I started using a Carl Martin Rock Bug in the loop since we have a loop, it's an analogue pedal cab simulator placing it in the loop behind the cab, it was fine in fx loop mono but when I put the FX loop it in Stereo there was fazing so I put the mix to 50% the send -6 return +6 and it seem to bring the guitar forward in the mix with the benefit of the Rock Bugs clarity/brightness I guess you could call it a double cab....anyways early experimenting, it would be cool to know what the FX loop can do and how it can manipulate the chain and sound other then hosting outboard Stereo FX...anyone....thanks
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