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  1. I recently acquired two variaxes. A JTV-89F and a JTV-69. The JTV-89F is a pre-ebony fretboard and the JTV-69 is from the new line with ebony fretboards. I noticed some differences functionally between the two and was wondering if it’s because of the new line of guitars or just issues with the guitar. I am able to power on the Variax modeling on the JTV-69 without even having the quarter inch jack plugged in. I am not using a VDI cable at all. But the JTV-89F does not do this. It powers off whenever I unplug the quarter inch cable and as far as I know from other peoples variaxes that I’ve played, this is how it’s supposed to be. I didn’t know if this is just how they are designing them now with the new ebony line or if this is a problem with it. Such as the contact for the bus power in the quarter inch plug being stuck closed. My concern is that if it isn’t designed for this, it will leak a small amount of current and end up draining my battery over time. It makes it easy to forget to turn it off because it doesn’t power off when disconnecting the jack. Also, taking the the battery out is EXTREMELY hard on the JTV-69 compared to the JTV-89F. I have to use something to pry it out. I’m sending back the JTV-89F because I had problems with its piezos and the JTV-69 is the replacement I got for it. I’m REALLY loving the JTV-69 and want to make sure that everything is working right with it.
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