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  1. While the Updater app is running on your Mac, try to turn off your Pod Go, then turn it on again while pressing Page. This hopefully make the Updater tool see the device in DXP-NFU mode.
  2. The trick was to use the Line 6 Updater application on a Mac.
  3. Thanks phil_m. I am trying that at the moment. The device is in DXP-NFU mode and I can select 'Pod Go unknown version'. So far no luck installing. Will continue to try.
  4. Hello I attempted a software update of my brand new Pod Go but it bricked it. It will not start up anylonger. I don't think the updater managed to update the Pod Go before the screen went weird and it lost connection. When I start up the Pod Go now, it never gets further than the bean image. What to do?
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