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  1. Uhhh... So, is anyone using their Variax in a live setting switching between various tunings in a hard rock/metal setting? Are you satisfied with the tracking, palm muting, and other playing nuances? How big is the difference between the Variax and a rack full of differently tuned guitars? Thanks guys, , R
  2. I'm really intrigued by the Variax - especially now there's a model with a Floyd. I play through an Axe FX II and in a hard rock / metal band which requires a lot of various tunings (E, Eb, Drop-D, Drop-Db, C). I'm able to get by with multiple guitars and occasional use of a fixed harmony pitch shift block via the Axe. Problem is the slight latency when utilizing a fixed harmony pitch block. My question is for those with an Axe FX II and a Variax, does the Variax represent an improvement to this approach? How convincing are the tones - especially the nuances (palm muting, pinch harmonics, etc.) when playing via the modeled pups in various tunings? I'm fortunate enough to have many guitars so the guitar modeling isn't as important to me as are the tunings. The thought of bringing one guitar to band rehearsal's (instead of several and selecting the tuning on-the-fly would be very cool. Thoughts? Thanks, R
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