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  1. Thank you all for the responses! Now I realize that I have to reconsider what exactly I want to achieve. My situation: I play 50/50 acoustic/electric in the band, and I wanted to keep my rig as compact and light as possible, which was also the reason for me to switch to Helix 1 year ago (Xlr out L&R are panned 100% L&R to sent seperate to FOH) My electric guitar sound is fairly clean/edge or breakup to low gain sounds. I have not yet managed to get the right sound through the PowerCab+ and FOH speakers. Maybe I need more time to get to the sound I want. And keep it simple. I used to play in a rock band with a 100w Mesa Boogie tube amp behind me. but those times are over. That feeling of power under the fingers is absolutely wonderful, but I have to let go of that now. There are so many possibilities that you can adjust in the Helix, but I still have trouble making a good basic preset on the Helix that sounds good at gig level. low & high cut settings, other eq adjustments because for example I switch to neck pickup on my strat. etc etc I didn't have these "problems" before I started using the Helix. I've been tweaking sounds for a year now instead of playing guitar and being creative.
  2. I'm looking for a way to improve the "feel" of the Helix Floor. (more tube feel) I am considering putting a Victory V4 tube amp (nice and small) in the FX loop of the Helix. (the Victory has an FX loop, but also a balanced line-out) Is it ok/safe to send the balanced line-out from the Victory back into the Helix? So that I can send this signal through a cab sim or IR, and then output it to FOH? so.. - Guitar into helix - Sent from Helix to Victory guitar input - Line out Victory to return helix (can the helix handle this?) - Add effects and Cab-sim or IR - Then send this signal to FOH and FRFR monitor. or are there better options? or maybe it's better to only use a tube preamp, since I'm not going to use a real speakercab on stage? Does this addition of real tubes gives me more of that "feeling" I had with my tube amp? Or do I only get that back when using a real cab? (instead of hearing a DI signal into FRFR) From the V4 Manual: LINE OUT, (Balanced) The Line Out is a TRS socket allowing for balanced connection to a PA system or desk. The signal is Post-EQ and Effects Loop so all the Tone settings, Tremolo and Reverb effects will be included. It is also Post-FX so any pedals effects will also be included. The level of this signal is nominally 1.7Vrms, (+4dbu). This signal level is plenty to drive a desk
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