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  1. I believe I indicated in my inquiry, that I had made a more than due diligence attempt at solving this. Having read all the manuals, I was still at an impasse. Maybe I was not clear enough, (with my attempt at some levity) to provide explanation of the work I'd put in already. I understand you likely receive a ton of, what seems to you, superfluous inquiries. I understand. Mod work can be a suck job, but it's is one you accepted. Posting a link to the user manual in this case was downright condescending. It has the potential to put this lifelong guitarist and gear purchaser off line 6 altogether. Sorcerer, I did eventually click the sticky and find this. I have it downloaded, and an interface is on the way. I hope it works. Apparently I was asking the wrong questions with my search criteria. Midi controller inquiries didn't bring me there. FWIW the Control 7 in the amps current state, does nothing. Perhaps that will change when I can confirm 2.0 has IN FACT been installed. I would think it would at least work the global controls in an un-updated amp? WTF do I know, I use it for my quadraverb, which up to this purchase was the only digital gear I have rig wise... :) Thank you for your response. -Jayth
  2. Will this controller work with a dt50? If no, what can I use to access midi capability on this amp. I would like to use this for silent recording, however it sounds horrible as it is now. I am simply sending from the direct out to my digital recorder. I want to access the cab/mic sims that come with this amp.Please help...:) P.S I tried searching here, google, yahoo, digitech, encyclopedia, dictionary, phone book...wits end here...
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