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  1. I was running AMP Out straight into the front of the Carvin Vintage Tube 33 with really good results .... even being in Nashville using some well schooled engineers, I was getting compliments on the tones I was getting ... and that amp just doesn't really have GREAT tone to start with ....lol ... Make sure when you are running into the front end of an amp, that you have consulted the amp manufacturer specs to find where the tone knobs are basically at "0" ... if you start twisting them away from their neutral settings you are basically 'double pre-amping" and it always seems that any minor adjustments are actually multiplied ten fold ..... You may need to tweak the speaker selections and mic placement parameters, because you ARE getting some amp simulation on TOP of the actual tone of your cab .. so, it can be a little touch and go ..... maybe I just got lucky as quick as I did ... For me, for a fly rig, I'm not looking back with any buyers remorse for this purchase ... extremely happy for what I use it for!!!
  2. I just got home with the Amplifi FX100 & in a matter of about 30 minutes I have pretty much fell for this thing for my fly rig!!! I leave in about 4 hours headed for Nashville to do 10 shows in 4 days with a piece of equipment I'll have a total of about an hour tweaking, and I am honestly not worried about it! After using an old XT Live for YEARS, I was hesitant to push one of these things into a live setting, boy was I wrong .. the tones are lush and spacious! I'll throw a post or two up here over the next few days as I am tweaking this thing out on the road! Kudo's to these guys for putting a product out there that has really really really good tone and won't kill the bank. My rig for the next days will be an Ibanez RG3120 with a Dimarzio Tone Zone in the Bridge and a PAF Pro in the neck, I am putting a Mad Professor Little Green Wonder in front of the Amplifi to kick for solo's (maybe), into the Amplifi FX100, straight into a Carvin Vintage Tube 33 single 12 combo with an English Made Celestion Vintage 30 ... simple!!!! Kevin
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