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  1. Well, this was certainly an adventure! UPS returned the guitar to me because they said they wouldn't ship a lithium battery "ground" from where I live. Contacted Line 6 and they put their heads together, got me the appropriate battery warning labels and sent me a 2nd day air UPS label. Got the guitar back to them finally. Few days later I checked in asking about the return, and got a tracking # for my replacement Shuriken. Just unboxed it last night and it seems great. Lots of pain and bother on this purchase, but I can't fault Line 6's customer service. They did everything they could to get me a new guitar. Kudos and thanks.
  2. Going to post my experience here in case anyone else ever has this question and comes to it after a google search. I ordered an antique ash Shuriken through the online store. It arrived in 4 days, packed extremely well. Free shipping. Unfortunately, the B string piezo doesn't work, so I opened a ticket. 3 days later, I got a return pre-paid shipping label and I'm sending it back to them to be exchanged. Bummer about the piezo, but Line 6 is handling it admirably. I'll update more later as it goes on.
  3. What does Line 6 do with returned guitars? I imagine my shuriken with the nonfunctional b string piezo will end up on your bench soon. Since I think they're just sending me a new one, what happens to this one? Do you guys have a used shop somewhere? Or does it get repaired and sold as new again? I mean, it IS new, just "open box" I guess. I know a lot of companies sell those guitars to places as "factory seconds" or "blems", or I guess "refurbished". I think there's a refurbished section on your shop and maybe I just answered my own question lol.
  4. This is what I mean: They opened 4 guitars and posted pics of the 4 and you can choose which one you want to buy, by its serial number. What I'm really asking (and knowing the answer is probably 'no') is if there's any way I can pick a swamp ash shuriken that's grey/brown instead of green in advance, and be sent that one.
  5. LOL I appreciate the links, but I guess I'm not communicating well. I mean someone actually taking the guitar out of the box, taking a photo of the specific guitar, and letting you buy that specific guitar. Places like Sweetwater and Wildwood will do that, so you can pick the exact guitar you'll get in advance. I'm guessing Line 6 doesn't offer that service, after your responses. And that's ok. I'll roll the dice.
  6. No no, I meant a photo of the individual guitars you would actually buy, like Sweetwater or other guitar stores will do. Anyway, I got a response to my ticket and opted to exchange rather than refund. I really want a Shuriken and maybe I'll get lucky and get one that's more gray or brown than green.
  7. Is there a way to get a picture before buying? I would buy another one if I knew I was going to get one that was more grey/brown than green. I'm not going to waste Line 6's time and money by ordering and ordering til I get one I like. That wouldn't be right. If an advance pic isn't possible, I'll probably just get a refund and be done. I tried the alcohol/air thing, and it didn't work. So I guess it needs to go back regardless. Thanks for your help
  8. Hmm, alright. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. I'm most likely going to send the guitar back. I didn't buy a green guitar. I thought I was buying this: And got this: It's a nice-playing guitar, but it's not what I bought.
  9. I'll try the alcohol tip this afternoon. Need to go find some compressed air. Here are the photos. I put my actually-brown leather purse in the photo so the camera can more easily show just how green this guitar is. Because of file size, looks like I have to make two posts, so I can do that. Just need a minute for the second one. Edit: ok, it won't let me upload the second one because of the same file size limit. I guess maybe it's per thread? I dunno. But this one should show the green clearly enough.
  10. I bought a new Shuriken SR 250 from the Line 6 shop. I have two problems, and I've opened a ticket, but I have a question... First off, the B string in piezo mode has no sound at all. Sweetwater says a factory reset can fix that. Is that true? I haven't done a single thing with this guitar yet involving my computer. I haven't even unpacked the VDI interface, because of the second problem with the guitar. It's green. Why is it green? The pictures for the antique ash guitar clearly show a brown finish. Is that a mistake? Did they send me the wrong one? Are the pictures wrong? Why does it look like something a druid would play? Because of this, I may be sending it back even if I get the B string to work, which is why I'm hesitant to open up the rest of the things that came with the guitar. If these guitars really are all green, I'll have to decide if that's ok for me or not.
  11. Thanks for the answers there. If I need replacement parts like electronics for a shuriken, will parts from any Variax do? Like the PCB or piezo from a standard? That would certainly make things easier, since after looking around, it seems you really can't buy Shuriken-specific parts anywhere.
  12. I'm thinking about buying a Variax shuriken listed on the shop here, but I've never bought anything directly from Line 6 nor do I know anyone who has. $1400 is a lot to spend on blind faith. Does anyone have good or bad experiences to share to (hopefully) give me the push to do it? Are returns handled fairly? Are guitars packed properly, shipped promptly? How is support when there's no line 6 certified tech near me?
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