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  1. Works flawlessly on my half broken iPhone 4S. If I turn off bluetooth and wifi on the XR it becomes almost useable. This XR a very disappointing phone so far, almost everything that is important to me was downgraded compared to my old 6S. More dropped calls, people complain they can't hear me well, I can't hear them well either, charging and listening at the same time on a non bluetooth device is hell, garageband is less responsive, the zoom accessibility function gets in the way of normal functions, faceid is not an improvement to fingerprint in covid times, etc. Well, I guess I'm just an old and cranky fart now. Any of you 7know any stable application similar to garageband (multitrack with sequencer and audio) that works well under android on a phone that accepts 3.5mm phones?
  2. Tried on my wife's iphone 6s+, ios 14.0.1, works flawlessly on 6ms latency :-( I guess it's one of these cases where Line6 can't help because it's Apple, and Apple can't help because it's Line6 (and wouldn't care anyway)
  3. Hello, Got a new phone, and it looks like a downgrade so far for music... I have a Sonic Port that served me well over the year, from my iphone 4s, then 6s, but it looks like it's a no-go on my new XR. I tried various latency settings, and when I am in mobile pod alone, it mostly works only at 20 ms latency, otherwise I have lots of dropouts. Even at 20 ms I still have a few dropouts. Problem is if I try to listen to a backing track at the same time, through music or from the "youtube music" app with locally downloaded songs, the dropouts are back, several times per minutes, at random points. It's not only that the sound is dropping out then coming back, but it stopped playing during the dropout, so of course my playing falls out of sync, which makes it totally unusable. I have the same problem with Garageband, lots of dropouts, even with nothing playing at the same time, no other tracks, just monitoring. Just listening to music alone will create lots of dropouts, especially if I switch from one page to another (let's say from the song view in full size to the album view). Anybody else have similar issues or found a workaround? I may have to dig out my old 4S just for this, and then transfer what I record to the other phone, but it would not be the greatest... Thanks!
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