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  1. The head is an Orange Rocker 15 Terror. I do not see a switch to activate or bypass the loop. There is a bedroom/headroom switch. But that just pushes the amp a bit harder at lower volume levels.
  2. Possibly. Is the FX loop block under send/return section in signal flow? I'm doing this with just the buttons built onto the board. Would connecting things to my PC make it smoother. Thanks for helping.
  3. Sorry if this issue has been discussed many times before. I've searched a bunch and cannot fix my problem. I've got a brand new HX Effects and Orange Rocker 15 Terror with PCP112 Cab. Everything works great as a pedal board. If I connect everything through the effects loop only or the 4CM, I get no sound at all. Silence from both channels. Updated firmware. Quadruple checked the cables. Thanks in advance for the help.
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