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  1. I've came from AxeFx just to reduce equipment size and weight. After all this time using it, I can say the sound quality is "enough" for what i need, so i was happy with it. Also I Love the fact that i can use native plugin matching presets recording and playing concerts. But i never thought that this equipment could spoil one of the most important concert in my life. We made the soundcheck at 15.00. Temperature was 28ºC. I decided to cover the Helix with a hand made flightcase becouse the sun was directly striking the unit. We started at 17.00. I just remove the flight case and start to play. 25 mins later the Helix freeze in the middle of the song. I've tried to turn off/on a few times getting the message "boot failure" The rest of the band look at me with a wtf-is-going-on-faces. I just could say them: "Go on without me, i will just simulate im playing. After being two minutes turned off, it started to work again, but it was too late, my concert was ruined.
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