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  1. @Zeripper Before asking for an exchange you can try a differen USB port on your PC. Part of the problem might be unpowered USB ports. So try plugging your device into one of the ports directly on the motherboard (backside of your desktop PC) and see if it is recognized then. When using a laptop, you may have to use a port on the left or right side instead (usually the USB ports directly connected to the motherboard are on the same side as the side fan). Do not use any USB-hub if possible. If the Problem persists, try cleanly reinstalling the drivers and scan for new hardware. best regards, Adrian
  2. I have the same issue when trying to update to Firmware version 1.11.0 with my Windows10 machine and the POD Go Edit software: Update failed, the device cannot be booted anymore and stops at the bean-screen. After the failed Update, the POD Go Edit software no longer recognizes the device. The Line6 Updater can recognize the device when i start it in update mode (hold Page right while switching it on), but updates to Firmware v1.10.0 or 1.11.0 fail here, too. The message being displayed right before the failure is "Please wait. Loading important post-update instructions" The device remains in a broken state though. UPDATE: After turning the device off, unplugging it and waiting a couple of hours I decided to try again. So I turned it on again in update mode (as I did before) and connected the USB to my PC (as I did before) and tried to update to Firmware v1.11.0 via the Line6Updater (as I did before) the Update finally went through! So it works again. But the update-experience lets me think twice before the next update... Line6 should definetly investigate why this fails so often! TL;DR: Retrying x-times with update-mode and Line6Updater "fixes" the issue
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