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  1. cvchoice

    FRFR speaker

    Can I connect my POD GO to the back of this speaker? Thanks. B8B5E56D-768E-4B64-A298-C222B904BEF1.heic
  2. Thanks, crisstt. I thought this might be the problem since the guitar is in stereo. I'm currently just using a cheap a/v cord and click in adapter for the small to larger size aux input. Should I be using a different cable with the appropriate sizes? Does it need to be a speaker cable (vs. instrument cable)? What kind of jack do you recommend? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, phil_m. The Return Type had been set to Aux In and I still have the issue of sound only coming in the left side of my headphones. The guitar is stereo and comes out both sides.
  4. Just purchased a Pod GO. The guitar is in stereo in my headphones, but the music from my macbook is only playing on the left side. Is this normal? Is it the cable/adaptor for the return/aux? Thank you!
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