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  1. New Helix user, and I'm starting with the HX Stomp. Right now due to my living situation (baby and thin walls) I can only play using headphones. The headphones I have currently are AKG 240's. They only have a 55 ohm impedance. On higher gain settings they sound pretty decent for sharp distorted chuggy tones, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting decent tones otherwise. Any fuzzy pedals, saturated break up tones (even slightly) etc sound awful. It's all mud with no definition or clarity, and farting out. And I am using cab sims, plan to buy some IRs soon. Ive tried copying settings and EQing from various videos and even using the exact same settings, it sounds so wrong. After my researching on this forum, my best guess is that my headphones are too low impedance. I know the sound with headphones will never be exactly the same, but something definetely isn't right. I've been considering getting some very high quality 250 ohm headphones, but I've heard a few people say that with the HX Stomp in particular, 250 ohm headphones can barely get loud enough with the volume cranked. Can anyone with an HX Stomp confirm or deny this? Im curious if people have any input, suggestions, or experience using 250 ohm headphones with the HX Stomp in particular. I'm not even sure if I'm on the right track, but even with a bit of tweaking, most of the non high gain models sound like absolute mud. Are my headphones just not great? Does their impedance not even matter?
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