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  1. Yeah, I have, and it is marginally improved, but still quite present. Just to add some more info to describe the sound: It's coming from the low-end of the guitar i.e. the bottom 2-3 strings, but it manifests itself as a nasty high end fizz/unnatural distortion. Is this some sort of aliasing?? I can certainly dial some of it out if I but a low cut on the front, and then put Bias and Bias X up full, but it is still there.
  2. Hello! New Helix user here. I've made a dual amp preset that I'm otherwise pretty happy with, except on the right channel amp (a Matchstick ch2) there is a really horrid unnatural distortion happening. The only way I can (almost) dial it out is to put a pretty aggressive low cut on it, and but both Biases all the way up. Can anyone help? I'm using a K-Line San Bernerdino with Lollar Imperial humbuckers, and monitoring direct from the Helix with 600ohm Beyer DT770s. Here's the preset if anyone would like to try it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6fwqm45fryf5tlo/Matchstick Fizz.hlx?dl=0
  3. I'm really wondering if 120ohm is enough impedance. All the others you quote are ≥ 250 ohm, and my current cans are 600.
  4. Hi! My 600 ohm Beyer DT770s have given up the ghost, so I’m looking at a replacement. I fancy something openbacked, and the Sennheiser HD 560s get very good reviews for the money. Well, from the audiophile crowd anyway. They are only 120 ohm though. Will they work well with the Helix? Otherwise I’d be looking at the HD600/650 which are 300 ohm, but nearly twice the price. thanks in advance, Jim
  5. Yeah, it's just keyboard commands. I guess I wanted to know if they could live on a separate 'page' or do they have to replace existing stomps?
  6. Hi! I have my favourite preset with effects, snapshots etc. set up, but I'd like to us it that alongside a YouTube keyboard controller. I see I can go into command centre and copy and paste the controls in from the YouTube template, but do these have to replace my existing controls/pedals I have set up? I thought I'd maybe be able to hit the mode switch and change to YouTube mode to control it, and then back to my usual pedal configuration while playing? It's not really that clear what is going on in the command centre in that regard. Jim
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