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  1. Hi, I've downloaded trial for Metallurgy. Anyone having problem with interface not showing up? I can hear only the DI signal and can do nothing after logging in. Using VST3 in Reaper but the same thing happens when in standalone.
  2. Thanks! I'll definetely try it. Actually now I am using the 4 cable method but as I understand it so far the biggest advantage of it is that I can decide where to put specific effects (before preamp or after it) and I think I don't need it because I really like the sound with preamp I am using on POD GO. Also 4 cable method kind of eliminates the possibility to send the signal without IR to amp and "second" signal with IR included because it uses mono Main Out? Correct me please if I am wrong :D
  3. Hi all! I am kind of new with Line6 and generaly digital effects. I would like to know if it's safe (and worth doing) to connect Line6 Pod GO from Amp Out (without IR) into my amp's FX loop return. My current amp is BluGuitar AMP1 Iridium Edition and I would like to use only power amp from it and keep possibility to send signal with IR through mono Main Out. Also at this moment I really can't check that on my own so here is my question: have anyone tried it? How does it sound? Would it sound the same as with 4 cable method when using POD GO preamps?
  4. Hey, I had the same problem and it was with Ola's IRs too. Some of them are working but some are not. There is some issue with too short IR's signals I think. I've checked IR's from other sources (ML Zila Cabs) and it works perfectly, I loaded up like 120 IR at once.
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