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  1. I'm working on it. By the way, can anyone recommend some external impulse response plugin packages?
  2. I'll try paste an example of a patch setup that gives me a muddy/harsh final tone, and see what you guys think might be bad with it.
  3. I've not tried the double cab option. I'll do that.
  4. I'll try that setup. I've tried two cabs in parallel using a split channel to give them some stereo output, and I noticed they completely change sound individually becoming a lot thinner so if I turn one off the one left on sounds terribly thin and hars, why is that? Am I missing something when I split them?
  5. Thanks. I've seen the video. Sorry to be a bit redundant but I don't have the amp head right now with me so I can't try this, so you're saying that both the amp and the Helix effects can be used together on the Helix's chain using this method? I'm fairly new with this digital technology I'm an old school dude you see, I come from the stomp boxes valve amps, cabs and mics era, so bear with me LOL.
  6. I want to use an amp head along with the Helix, so I wonder how I could use the amp's drive channel and EQ controls and IRs from Helix plus mod effects etc. Is the 4CM the way to achieve it or if not, what would be the way this can be done? Thanks
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I have watched probably a hundred Jason Sadites's videos on most of the amp models he's gone through. I honestly don't like his overdriven tones very much at all, his cleaner and bluesy onces are better. The Helix is not giving me any modern saturated tones that are not muddy, harsh or over the top overdriven when using distortion pedals. I tried external IRs and they're slightly better than the Helix ones but they are free ones and I believe not the best. I'm willing to purchase some good ones upon recommendation. I've even tried with a Radial external cab simulator both in the FX loop and on the XLR and 1/4 outputs, while it does add some bottom fatness to the overall sound, it does not get rid of the harshness, on some settings it's even worse. I've been thinking of using an external solid state amp head for the drive and EQs and incorporate it to the rig, I saw a video by Pete Thorn doing something like this but he doesn't show how he made the connection guitar - Helix - amp head - back to Helix - Daw, so he uses the Helix's effects while using the amps drive channel. Does anyone know how to make this connection work, as in using the Helix as pedalboard and incorporating an external amp to the chain, so you use the external amp instead of the Helix models?
  8. I've been studying my Helix for about a month now. My intention is to record directly into DAW using the Helix as an interface, so far so good, it works nicely. I tried a Fender Strat (single coils) first and now I'm on a PRS C24 (humbuckers). With the Fender I could dial a few clean and crunchy for rock/blues decent tones that I'm happy with, although no overly impressed with the amp/cab combinations. Now with the PRS is a different story, for the life of me I can't find decent clean and crunchy tones without them being very harsh for the bridge pickup, and the funny thing is that they sound harsh on the higher strings and muddy on the lower ones, so harsh and muddy at the same time! The heavier distortion ones I've tried sound in order to lose the muddyness on the lower frequencies end up sounding really thin. I'm thinking I'm going to have to use an amp head after the Helix and then an interface, and just use the Helix as a glorified multi effect unit. Any help will be really appreciated before I give this up.
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