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  1. Thanks for the help, I tried all of this...none of it worked. I ended up using a different computer, I can successfuly log in but the updater cant see my device...I installed HX edit, restarted, tried different usb, no luck. In 2020, I reeeeeeeeally dont think I should have programmers knowledge to update a product I just bought.In this case , the person to blame is Line6...Im just about to return the Stomp, this is unacceptable in todays days and age, ESPECIALLY given the price I paid, I would expect a quick plug and play, not this jumping thru hooops crap.
  2. Thanks , I cant even access the updater so this is not an issue with the HX stomp.Its rather disappointing ...for a company selling high tech ,this is not super impressive to say the least. I installed the latest Installer for Mac OX ( version 1.19 ).I signed up, confirmed my email restarted several times and I cant log in. I get this messsage : The operation could not be completed.(NSURL.ErrorDomain Error -1202)
  3. recently purchased an HX stomp, trying to update it now...Downloaded and installed the updater.Confirmed my email as well but it wont let me in. I get an error message : The operation could not be completed. What the hec ? Please help
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