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  1. Cbrillow, Thank you for your fast reply! After posting this comment I went to eBay and found other DI boxes that are very low priced. Some in the 40-60 dollars passive and powered options. I guess I can use one of those DI boxes for my other guitars after the pedals. Thank you for answering the other questions though. Unbalanced connection is just fine and good to know, I use unbalanced for my synths and haven't had any issues with interference as far as my home recording and mixer. I don't ever plan to perform so I'm not worried other PA systems and mixers. Thank you again, Satyan Patel
  2. Hello everyone, I was thinking of purchasing the Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit from Sweetwater as for I am tired of the battery dead, when I go to play my JTV-69. I don't have a TRS cable plugged in, but I don't play it that often, but when I do it's dead. So I have a few questions and I did search the forums before asking. 1. Lets say I want to use stompboxes with it do I put it after the DI box? 2. If I want to plug it into a PA system where do the stompboxes go then? 3. If I want to plug in a regular guitar and use it to go to a PA system, I read not to power the DI box. So then I would have electric / acoustic go into effects then DI box then to PA system? I ask because I do not know, and cannot find a manual anywhere online. I also am trying to save money by not having an additional DI box. Thank you in advance, Satyan Patel
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