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  1. i'm trying reaper and the sound is better than audacity, but i'm still pretty sure that is not as loud as i hear it when i use POD Farm. Is there something i should change in the settings?
  2. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19ZNMrmdDZFFsFcE7G9zYVRHtA1ousDZx?usp=sharing here's a drive folder with a sample of the recording on a electroacustic guitar pluged into the Pod Studio UX2, and also screenshots of the settings on my POD farm and audacity. Is there any way to record the sound that i get when i open POD Farm? That's the only way i can get it to sound ok, but i don't see a way to record it
  3. when i record using FL Studio or Audacity, the recording sound is very low. The only way i manage to make the recording sound ok is by opening POD Farm 2 and selecting the device UX2(ToneDirect) on preferences, but that only makes the monitor sound ok, when i record its low again. I have the last version of Line 5 monkey, POD farm 2 and drivers. I'm using windows 10.
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